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Why Indian Vedic Astrology


Why Indian Vedic Astrology And Not Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Sui, Vastu, Physic Healing Etc?

The word Astrology is a composition of two words, namely Aster meaning star and Logos meaning reason or logic. The gamut of this subject depends on the principle of Evaluation of Time. It deals with astronomy linked with its applied predictive techniques. Time is kept as a constant function and a series of astronomical observations are applied to derive conclusions.

We know that every cause produces an effect. This effect in turn brings about another effect and the series goes on affecting the whole universe. Astrology only helps to read the results of these actions. Astronomy is the very basis of the subject and the Stars & Planets are manifestations of matter in space as they always follow the law of gravitation. They can be located if the time is known to us.

Sound is the lowest form of energy. Next comes heat, light, magnetism, electricity etc. All these energies are directly derived from the solar globe. No manifestation of energy can occur without the Sun. Thus, the solar system has assumed supreme importance in astrology. Similarly, an atom is the smallest conceivable particle of an element and consists of a central nucleus the proton that is surrounded by the electrons revolving around it in prescribed routes or orbits. Man is a compound of millions of such atoms and thus has to respond to changes that occur in the solar system.

Indian Vedic Astrology is solely dependent on cogent principles of science and philosophy and each step involved in it has a definite and defined scientific base. It is not arbitrary or structured on assumptions or probability. The Hindu Sages were the original masters as they discovered profound psycho-biophysical connections between human organisms and the cosmic subterranean processes. They made a precise study of the position and inter-relationship of the stars, planets and the human beings to develop this natural cosmic science based on real astronomy and has sculptured the same in form of Horas or Treatises around 3000 BC.

I have studied the matter. Your sir, have not?-- Sir Isaac Newton said in defense of Astrology to the skeptical Edmund Hilary.

Thereafter, with passage of time, contributions received from scholars of India & abroad enriched Indian astrology. This process continued up to 500 BC. Radical change throughout the world has taken place in life's perspective since then. The wide ranging social, political and economic ramifications had repercussions on individuals. Consequently attitude, temperament & expectations of people have also totally changed. Thus, under this changed condition of life, the ancient traditional theories & rules also required to go a fundamental rethinking and holistic evaluation for becoming more appropriate in today's context.

The modern system of predictive astrology has successfully been able to redesign and restructure the ancient Indian astrology to suit the present day society in its entire form and content. In addition, this system has eliminated the confusing & contradictory theories available in different classical texts and has formulated a defined, specific and structured set of rules for a precise and pinpoint prediction in all spheres of life.

All ancient theories have undergone introspection in order to become fully compatible to take care of the present day complications. This has made this system unique and unparallel.

The Indian Vedic astrology is totally based on the Asterism / Nakshatra System, the divisional charts and the DASA / Period calculations. This has made this system unparallel in so far as pin pointing predictions are concerned which no other system of prediction could adhere so far.