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  • Remedial Measures in Contemporary Indian Astrology (Part Two)



VEDIC ASTROLOGY is the main Vedic science connected with the MANTRA YOGA. It provides us the keys to choose mantras and time their usage. The oldest text of Mantra and spiritual teaching comes out of Rig-Veda, composed of sacred chants like the Gayatri Mantra. Astrological mantras work at a subtle level that reflects the same forces as the planets and the stars.

There are special ASTROLOGICAL mantras to improve all human activities and our connections with the whole of life. In fact these Mantras can help us to do whatever we are doing better, with more awareness, more in tune with the greater universe of consciousness. Mantra is relevant for everyone for creating the greater harmony and well being that we are all seeking.

ASTROLOGICAL Mantra is perhaps the main tool we have for optimizing our KARMA in life. Through the right use of the Mantra, we can call upon the benefic powers of the universe to bring us the higher Karmas that we are seeking and to remove the lower karmas that afflict us. Specific Astrological mantras, like the nine planets, are extremely helpful because the astrological chart covers all our KARMAS in life.

ASTROLOGICAL Mantras can traditionally be used for all major goals of human life, which are defined in five categories according to the Vedic thought. Vedic thought teaches that each human being has the right to achieve all these goals of life. Planetary mantras are perhaps the most important and easiest to use of all Mantras in any MANTRA THERAPY.

Dharma – One’s primary purpose, vocation, work or career in life.

One should understand the objectivity of life and one’s real role and purpose of coming to this earth. It can be used to reinforce our vocation – unfolding the deeper purpose of our existence.

Artha – Achievement of necessary goals and objects, including wealth and property.

Mantra for Artha is repeated for acquiring finance & prosperity. Such Mantras have its value as long as the wealth is used for Dharmic purposes, not for self indulgence or wasteful consumption. In this regard, there are Mantras which can aid us in business practices and facilitate material gains.

Kama – Achievement of happiness and fulfillment of desires including relationship, family and children.

Kama mantras are used to fulfill the outer desires for personal and family happiness. There is nothing wrong if it is used as the first step towards mantra yoga AND IF NOT DONE to needlessly increase one’s desire.

Arogya – Achievement of good Physical and psychological health and well being.

Mantra Therapy can be used to direct the PRANA or HEALING ENERGY to wherever it is needed within us. Special healing mantras exist for both physical and mental afflictions that can literally work wonders. Such mantras can remove the deep seated negative emotional patters and KARMIC blockages from the body. It is used as a POTENT REMEDIAL MEASURE in VEDIC ASTROLOGY to balance out difficult KARMIC influences transmitted by the planets, particularly by malefic Saturn and the Nodes that cause many obstacles and difficulties in life. Mantras are extensively used in AYURVEDA also.

Moksha – Liberation of the spirit – Self realization.

Moksha is the supreme final and goal of life. Spiritual mantras are available to facilitate a deeper awakening of a higher intelligence within us.

A very important factor to consider before taking up any mantra is the source. Who is giving you the mantra and according to what authority or sanction? What kind of a teacher or therapist is necessary to provide an astrological Mantra that really works for your particular issue in life?

Each application of the astrological Mantras has some particular rules of usage. If you are seeking a Mantra based on ASTROLOGY to remove negative planetary energies and their resultant KARMAS, you need to consult a good astrologer trained in the astrological application of Mantras. Such astrologers need to really practice the mantras throughout their life in order to be really able to pass them to others.

VEDIC ASTROLOGY contains a well defined MANTRA THERAPY, probably more so than any other Vedic Science. It is an important REMEDIAL MEASURE as it has special Mantras for the planets, their deities, the signs of the Zodiac, the Nakshatras (lunar constellations) -- It is an inner method that helps us harmonize the astrological influence in life.

However the main outer method used in VEDIC ASTROLOGY IS THE PLANETARY GEMSTONE and again these can be also made more effective by the Mantras.


We shall now take up Gem therapy as a remedial measure which is purely based on PERCEIVABLE VIBRATION THEORY. We have nine planets and each planet has its own colour pattern. Modern Physics have established already that colours have wavelengths. Each wavelength has vibrations. Gems are basically perennial source of concentrated and purest form of a particular colour. Gems, through the colours, create vibrations which are used to counter negative planetary energies AND ALSO TO PROMOTE POSITIVE PLANETARY VIBRATIONS. Historically Gems have been used by Vedic astrologers as a remedy. Gems have been extensively used, mainly in ash form, in Ayurveda also to prepare medicines.

Western Astrology has used Gems for balancing planetary influences, particularly during the Middle Ages. While this use of Gems fell out of favour in later Western Astrology which took a more psychological orientation, it is coming into vogue again with the new emphasis on natural healing that often includes Gems and Crystals. The Vedic use of Gems has similarities with this older western astrological use but with some difference. Vedic Astrology has its own complex yet precise system of determination of the appropriate Gem Therapy.

There is a school of astrologers who believe that based on our past Karmas, what is destined, will certainly happen and therefore there is no scope for remedy. A graduate of this school will not suggest a native anything to do about his adverse planetary influence, other than to make himself aware of the same. Hence the native will leave feeling helpless before the forces of the past Karmas, warned about a danger but not given any practical means of trying to avert or mitigate it.

Here I would like to draw attention of the members to our mythologies which are full of instances where timely curative remedial measures have changed the life of the individuals. I will cite just three examples. Sage Markendey was destined to die young. Savitri was destined to be a widow and King Dasarath was destined to remain childless. The sage worshipped lord Shiva by creating the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Savitri observed fasts and took the blessings of the God of Death and King Dasarath carried out a Yagna to appease Gods. All three succeeded to change their destiny in totality.

Gem Therapy, by far is the most important and effective remedial tool of Vedic astrology. Now days, individuals are short termist and they want the result now and not tomorrow. This is very true. In this context, Gem Therapy becomes most relevant as the actions can be felt within a span of 3days to 3 months of adhering the same.

Which system to follow:

While discussing the remedial part, one can raise a valid question about the Systems Approach / KP / Nadi vis a vis their definition of functional malefics.

We all have to note that Vedic astrology stems down mainly from Parasara. Thereafter many have expanded the concepts spelt in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Parasara has clearly defined the functional malefics vis a vis each chart.

Systems approach states that if a Moola Trikona sign falls in any of the three trick houses ( 6th, 8th & 12th), then that planet will be considered a functional malefic for that particular ascendant. He has also universally attributed Rahu & Ketu as functional malefics fir each ascendant. Thus following the above definition, Venus for Taurus has been classified as a Functional malefic. Jupiter for Cancer ascendant. Mars for Scorpio ascendant and so on.

Without going into much detailed analysis of the system, I can say with certainty, with all my experience that I have not seen Lagna lords to act as functional malefics. Yes, if they are ill placed, they may be weak and can give fewer results to a native. But they never behaved as functional malefics.

Moreover, Rahu & Ketu also has been termed as Universal functional malefics. Even I have not found it true with my experience so far in this subject. Suppose Rahu is placed in Libra in a Libra born with a good Nakshatra and with a favourable dispositor. Will Rahu then also act as a functional malefic for the native concerned? I doubt.

Such an open generalization, without taking the Nakshatra, Dispositor or the Navamsha into consideration is outside the gamut of Parasara Astrology.

KP or Systems Approach or Nadi Astrology are some alternative methods expounded by contemporary Indian Astrologers. I have studied all the systems and have found that the concepts given in these systems are good in bits and pieces. Like the Most Effective Point for each house, which is the same as the degree of the Lagna, has been found really meaningful by me particularly while timing events.

To me, such techniques are like Alternative Medicines, which has limited application and usefulness in medical Science BUT CANNOT BECOME A REAL SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ALLOPATHIC MEDICAL PRACTICES.

Therefore, It is safe to prescribe remedies considering the Parasara way of teaching with the help of R.S.System. I have done so far, may be over two decades now and I am very satisfied with the outcome.

What Garura Purana had to say about Gems?

Garuda Purana regarding Ratnas:

"Garuda was the king of the birds. He pleased Vishnu through tapsaya and Vishnu appeared before Garuda. What boon do you wish for? he asked Garuda. ..Boon was granted and Garuda composed the Garuda Purana. And Vishnu himself recited the Purana to Brahma, Shiva ... Vedavyasa learnt the Purana from Brahma and taught it to Romaharshana.



A long time back, there used to be a demon named Balasura. He defeated Indra and the other gods. Balasura was invincible. Not knowning what to do, the gods arranged a yajna. They then went to Balasura and ask him for his body so that it might be offered as a sacrifice at the yajna. The demon was generous and he was not going to refuse a request. He gave his body to the gods.

The gods ascended a vimana (space vehicle) and were travelling through the sky with Balasura’s body. But the vimana was moving so fast that Balasura’s body fell off. It broke into many parts which got scattered throughout the earth. Wherever a part of the body fell, earth, mountain or garden, that place became a source of jewels and precious stones. There are many types of jewels. Some of the more important ones are vajra (diamond), mukta (pearl), mani, padmaraga (ruby), marakata, (emerald), indranila, (sapphire), vaidurya, pushparaga (topaz), karketana, pulaka, rudhira, sfatika (crystal) and pravala (coral).

Vajra or hiraka was formed from Balasura’s bones. Diamonds can be of many colors, coppery, milkywhite, blue, golden, yellow and dark. Red and yellow diamonds should be worn only by a king, not by anyone else. A multi-colored and round diamond should not be worn indiscriminately. It can cause great suffering, and due precautions have to be taken before such a diamond is worn as adornment. Even Indra takes care before wearing such a diamond. A hexagonal diamond is extremely rare and brings good fortune. A diamond is valuable because it can cut and mark any other object. But a diamond cannot be cut or marked except by another diamond.

Muktas (pearls) can be obtained from eight different places from elephants, clouds, boars, conch-shells, fishes, snakes, oysters and bamboos. But oysters are the most common source. Pearls got from bamboos, elephants, fishes, conch-shells and boars are not at all bright. Balasura’s teeth fell into the ocean. There the teeth entered the bodies of oysters and became the seeds for pearls. A pearl which weights half a tola (weight) is worth 1305 coins. There are several other grades for pearls, the worths being 800, 783, 325, 200, 110, 100, 97, 40, 30, 14, 11 and 9 coins respectively. If you need to polish a pearl, put it inside the stomach of fish. Cover the fish with clay and roast it. The pearl should then be taken out and washed with milk, wine and water. It will become bright and shining. What happens if one suspects that a pearl is not genuine? It should be kept in saline water for a nigh and then dried. If its colour does not fade, it is a genuine pearl.

Balasura’s blood fell into a river. In fact, at first it had not fallen into the river at all, but was retained by t he sun. But Ravana, king of Lanka, once decided to attack the sun. And in the process, the sun dropped Balasura’s bood into a river which came to be known as Ravanaganga. This blood became rubies (padmaraga). Rubies are red. Some of them may be tinged with a little bit of black or blue. A good quality ruby should never be worn wih a bad quality ruby. The wearer of a good quality ruby is protected from all misfortunes.

The king of the snakes is Vasuki. Vasuki accepted the bile (pitta) that came out of Balasura’s body. The snake was traversing the sky when he was suddenly attacked by Garuda. Garuda too wanted to possess the bile. While the two were fighting, the bile fell into the valley of a mountain. This bile gave birth to marakatas (emeralds). Emeralds are generally green in color. The herbs which grow in emerald mines are cures for sorts of poison. A true emerald never fades in color.

Balasura’s eyes fell on the shores of the ocean. And these eyes became indranila jewels (sapphires). Sapphires are tinged with blue. A sapphire shoud never be flung into a fire. The person who does this deed suffers great misfortune. A special sort of sapphire is known as mahanila. It is dark blue in color and if it is kept immersed in milk, the milk turns blue in color.

Balasura roared before he died. This roar echoed in a mountain range named Vidura. And from the roar was born a gem known as vaidurya, so called because it can be found on the mountain Vidura. Vaiduryas are green or blue in color.

Balasura’s skin fell on the Himalayas. This skin was the origin of pushparaga (topaz). A pushparaga is light yellow in colour. But if a topaz is also tinged with red, it is known as kourandaka. And if a topaz is slightly tinged with blue, it is known as somanaka . A woman who does not have son will give birth to one if she wears a topaz.

Another type of jewel is named karketana.It originated from Balasura’s nails. These nails fell into a bed of lotuses and there created this gem. Karketana can be of many colors, red, milky-white, yellow, copper-colored and blue. His jewel becomes brighter if it is wrapped in gold leaf and burnt in a fire. Karketana is a good jewel to wear if one wants to stay healthy or prolong one’s life. "