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  • The Science of Self Healing – Part 1

The Science of Self Healing – Part 1



The current crisis of healthcare, brought about by chemical, mechanical and artificial treatment modalities, now demands the return of natural, life and soul affirmative systems with their lifestyle regimens for self healing. While the modern system of medicine focuses on identifying external pathogens and controlling diseases from outside, the self healing system concentrates on the living individual and controlling the disease through balancing the life force within the person.

The limitations of antibiotic medicines are now evident today with weakening immune systems and the return of contagious diseases once thought to be eradicated. Moreover, today’s treatment has become very expensive and it is draining all our resources. It is true that if we are ill, we have to take recourse to the modern system of medicine to control our illness. But a conscious effort is required to reduce the frequency of sickness. Unless we re-learn the art of self healing, we will be drowned in drugs, medical testing and chronic diseases that leave us not only unhealthy but financially insecure. We can no longer simply try to change our environment for health and happiness, as if manipulating the outer will make us feel better on an inner level. In fact, the need of the hour is just the opposite. We must learn how to develop and improve ourselves and our own internal resources for creating a sound health where diseases, drugs and hospitals can become peripheral and not primary. This new move of self healing is bound to be one of the most important developments in healthcare for the present century.

All over the world there is a new emphasis on health with the resurgence of natural forms of healing. This is causing new interest in Ayurveda & in the medical aspect of Vedic astrology. A re–examination of these two subjects is therefore crucial for the future of humanity. Unfortunately, the connections between Ayurveda & Astrology, though hinted at in many places, are not obvious in the available literature on either subject. Today, there are a few Ayurvedic doctors who are competent astrologers or vise versa, and can show how to practically correlate the terms one with the other. The newly constructed R. S. System have understood the need of this integration long before and have thus been able to design specific theories about the correlation of Ayurveda & Astrology. Moreover, this system has also been successful in combining these theories and explaining them in the language of modern medicine. Thus, the subject in totality has become fully compatible in the present day context.

The purpose of this article is to make my fellow astrologers encouraged to learn, teach & practice the correlation of Astrology & Ayurveda. A manifold approach is required including organizing and researching and developing the subject more in terms of the modern conditions.


Astrology & Ayurveda have a common origin in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu books of spiritual & cosmic knowledge. To reconnect the two, an examination of their common Vedic root is important. Astrology is one of the six VEDANGAS or limbs of the Vedas. Ayurveda is one of the four UPAVEDAS or supplementary Vedas. Both Astrology & Ayurveda are based upon the concept of KARMA and how speaks about not only to determine what it is but to change or mitigate it against its negativity.

Vedanga Jyotish, which appears to be the oldest remaining text on astronomy & astrology, arose mainly for the purposes of timing of rituals & for the development of the calendar for the basic timings of events. Yet, Vedanga Jyotish had a Karmic aspect as well. The vedic rituals brought about the good karma or right action that ensured a healthy life of a hundred years (Sata Samvatsara dirgham ayur). This became the basis of Ayurveda.

The Vedas are filled with both astrological and Ayurvedic symbolism. Most notably the Agnichayana or building of the fire (in the SATAPATHA BRAHMANA) connects time with the image of human being. It shows how the sacred vedic fire, the AGNI corresponds to a zodiac of 720 portions, correlating with the 360 bones & 360 nerves of the body by explaining the principals of five PRANAS and different tissues(DHATUS). The idea of KALPURUSHA, or time personified, is one of the main links between ayurveda & astrology and is reflected in the correlation between the signs of the zodiac and different parts of the body. The PURANAS also contain a wealth of information on astrology & ayurveda.


India never separated science from philosophy and religion. Rather it viewed all knowledge as part of a whole designed to promote human happiness, health and growth.

Philosophy is the love of truth. Science is the discovery of truth through experiment. Religion is the experience of truth and application of it in daily life.

According to astrology & ayurveda, the source of all existence is universal Cosmic Consciousness, which manifests as Male & Female energy. Purusha, often associated with the male energy, is choice less, passive, pure awareness. Prakruti, the female energy, is active, choiceful consciousness. Both Purusha & Prakruti are eternal, timeless and immeasurable. These two energies are present in all living organisms, including all every man & women.