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  • Remedial Measures in Contemporary Indian Astrology (Part One)




Vedic astrology is purely based on the Laws of Karma and unless we have a good conception about it, we will not be able to understand the remedial part of astrology.

We are aware that there are three types of KARMA – mainly according to Vedic philosophy; destiny is a function of KARMA. Karma is of three kinds -- SANCHITA (accumulated deeds), PRARABDHA (fructifying deeds / destiny) and KRIYAMANA (current deeds / action in progress).

Parabdha Karma is the portion of the Past Karma (Sanchita karma / accumulated deeds) which is responsible for the present body. This karma primarily decides the destiny of a person in all aspects of life. Kriyamana Karma is the results of deeds we conduct in this life and we get the result instantly in this life only. We will be mainly concerned with these two Karmas while discussing remedies as we try to read the effects of them from the horoscope only with the help of astrological techniques of prediction.

Karma is a result of ACTION, voluntary or involuntary, goods, bad or ugly, as undertaken by human beings in life. All actions are thus bound to create VIBRATIONS which are generated by the thought, word and deed of human beings. Human beings, during a set time frame have undergone physical, topographical, parental, environmental and intellectual changes. But according to the LAW OF KARMA -- - the influence of all the previous vibrations is to be experienced by him.

From here “What you sow so you reap” principle start applying as all the happenings in our life are thus entirely on the basis of our own actions, either of the past or of the future. The generated vibrations are accumulating in the space limited by the Zodiac belt. Within the Zodiac belt, selected 9 planets are representative factors for the accumulated vibrations. Every vibration individually generated by the humans in this earth is collectively represented by the celestial bodies known as planets. The planets therefore become the symbolic representation of human vibrations / deeds / karma.

Planets as such do not influence the human on earth independently but they indicate accumulated and active vibrations that are influencing the present life. Therefore everything being experienced by us is resultant of our own vibrations, past or present.

The above concept gives rise to two fundamental facts: -

a) Humans have free WILL TO ACT.

b) Every action, ‘created out of such free will to act’ --- has influence on life either now or in the future.

Since man has free will, he has the capacity to overcome the negativity also. Therefore there are remedies also. The degree of influence and the effect of remedy are to be matched. This is the job of an astrologer.

The Natal chart or the horoscope is the index of vibrations of human actions: i.e. the Parabdha & the Kriyamana Karmas – having culmination of the past, orientation of the present and direction for the future. In the Kala Chakra, there are pockets which represent the intensity of such vibrations. These are called Exaltation, Debilitation, Own sign, friend’s house, enemy sign e.t.c. When a planet is in its own sign, it indicates that the representing factor of that particular signification is vibrating positively thereby creating harmonic vibrations. Placement in the enemy house indicates there will be negative vibrations creating disharmony. Vedic remedies suggest ways and means to set them in pattern.

Yes Vedic remedies are not magical instruments which can change life within a day. But it can change life permanently for good over a period of time. Some see it as a handicap. I see it holistically and as a blessing of GOD.

The science of scientific healing

Scientific Healing Affirmations by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda are hereby quoted below :-

Affirmations (prayers): "Sincere words or affirmations repeated understandingly, feelingly, and willingly are sure to move the Omnipresent Cosmic Vibratory Force to render aid in your difficulty. Appeal to that power with infinite confidence, casting out all doubt: otherwise the arrow of your attention will be deflected from from its mark.

As you utter prayers or affirmations, always believe that you are using your own but God given powers to heal yourself or others. ask His aid, but realize that you yourself, as His beloved child , are employing His gifts of will, emotion and reason to solve all difficult problems of life. A balance should be struck between the medieval idea of wholly depending on God and the modern way of sole reliance on the ego".

"Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs, which, when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired."

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda was a great Yogi (Avatar) and he has given many affirmations in this book in English language which can help any English speaking persons.

These Affirmations or Prayers or MANTRAS are POWERFUL.

Some more writings by Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda in Scientific Healing affirmations.

"Technique of affirmations

Preliminary rules

• Sit facing north or east on a wool blanket in Padmasana ( the Lotus pose) or in any easy cross legged pose, or on a straight armless chair over which a wool blanket has been placed. The cloth serves as insulation against magnetic earth currents that tend to tie the mind to material perceptions.

• Close your eyes and concentrate on the medulla oblongata ( at the back of the neck), unless otherwise directed. Keep spine erect, chest high, abdomen in. Take a deep breath and exhale it, three times.

• Relax the body and keep it motionless, empty the mind of all restless thoughts, and withdraw its attention from bodily sensations, heat and cold, sounds and so on.

• Do not think of the particular kind of healing you need.

• Cast away anxiety, distrust and worry. Realize calmly and trustingly that the Divine Law works and is all-powerful. Permit yourself no doubt or disbelief. Faith and concentration allow the law to operate unhampered. Hold the thought that all bodily states are changeable and curable and that the idea of a chronic disease is a delusion."


Mantra is the main tool for working on the mind in Yoga, Ayurveda and VEDIC ASTROLOGY. It is perhaps the most important technique of all the Vedic sciences.

Mantra is a powerful technology for bringing about positive changes in both the conscious and subconscious mind. It can increase mental abilities and open higher intuitive faculties, unlocking potentials of awareness that otherwise might remain dormant. It can help erase negative Karmic tendencies, including those who have their roots in previous births.

Mantra reflects the vibratory knowledge that creates the universe. Mantras can be used for controlling the five elements out of which the universe is composed of. It can thus harmonize us with the cosmic powers of creation, modulating the energies transmitted thru the stars and the planets. Astrological Mantras are something we can do for ourselves, with no expense and with little side effects.

It is best to receive planetary or astrological mantras from yogis and astrologers who have used the mantras as a part of their lifelong practices. Astrological mantras do not have as many restrictions in their usage in comparison to spiritual mantras. Astrological Mantras are a part of treatment methods with a limited and specific application that depends mainly upon the planet needing propitiation in the chart. Yet the more we empower the Mantra, it becomes stronger.

A well trained Vedic astrologer should know all the Mantras for the planets and how to adapt them to their clients. Yet he should also know his limitations. He should not use it beyond their scope, claiming that the Mantras will give magical results or of themselves solve a person’s problems without any examination of the Karmas involved.

The astrological use of Mantras is best done as part of a practice of Mantra yoga, including chanting, mental repletion of Mantras, pranayama and meditation. We should aim at feeling the mantra vibrating behind our every thought and working in every cell of our bodies.

Health problems are a part of human condition. We have all had physical maladies which we would have tried to heal ourselves, if only we had known what to do. Even modern medical science has made only limited progress in addressing many common health issues.

Those who work with Sanskrit mantras for healing purposes must not abandon all other routes to healing. Mantra is not a cure for all ills. But Mantras can dramatically contribute to our overall health and well being. The more tools you have to work with against life challenges, the better your chances for a long and productive life.

Called the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, which roughly means “great Mantra relieving one from death & disease,” this Mantra is a very strong Mantra. It is efficacious for relief of a wide variety of chronic diseases, including immune system problems. Of course it is not a substitute for the conventional medical care.


Om Trayumbakam Yajamahe Sughandhim Pusti Vardanam Urvar-ukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat

The correct Sanskrit pronunciation


Meaning of the Mantra

“Shelter me, O three eyed Lord Shiva, Bless me with health and immortality and sever me from the clutches of death, even as a cucumber is cut from the creeper.

The example

Connie already knew that she was sick when she kept her second appointment with the doctor. Diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia, she thought the antibiotic was not doing the job after she had taken it for three weeks. She was right. A rare Virus that had invaded her system was causing her to lose cartilage all over her body. She did not respond to treatment for that condition. With an ashen face, the doctor told her she probably had about six months to live.

Diving in to the world of alternative therapies and treatments, Connie was determined to beat the Virus. After six weeks of trying various cures with some encouraging results, she decided to apply yet another off bit therapy. Sanskrit Mantra. She chose the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra as it is considered to be the most potent healing Mantras in the world.

Connie repeated this mantra 108 times morning and evening for three months. She got much better. Twelve weeks later she still said this Mantra every day while continuing to improve. After working with the Mantra for four months, she even went horseback riding. Currently she is living an active and healthy life. She recently got married and the Virus has almost disappeared as of this writing, over a year after she was given six months to live.

I start the day generally by praying towards Nine planets, which is called “Navagraha Stotra" (Mantra for nine planets) given by Sage Vyash more than 5000 years ago.

The Navagraha Stotra given by Maharishi Vyash is one unique stotra, where all nine planets were praised and appeased by Maharishi. It is important to note that combination of planets give us problems and success. Therefore, a strotra which can appease nine planets ( under Vedic astrology) to a great extent will definitely contribute significantly towards upliftment of human life and chanting of Navagraha Stotra may be included in daily routine to get relief from problems arising from adverse planetary influences.

Some quotes are given from Brihat Parasari Hora Sastra about remedy.

“Remedial Measures from the Malevolence of Grahas

Maitreya said. O Venerable Sage! Please describe for the good of mankind the remedial measures for appeasement of the malevolent Grahas.

The Sage replied. I have already described the names and characteristic features and qualities of the Grahas. Joys and sorrows of all the creatures in the world are dependent on these Grahas. Therefore persons desirous of peace, wealth and prosperity, rainfall, good health and longevity should worship the Grahas (by prayers, recitation of Mantras, charity etc.).”

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra ( BPHS) states about following remedy of Rahu during Vimsottari various main Dasas and Rahu sub dasa, when Rahu is ill placed:

Main Dasa Sub Dasa Remedy

Sun Rahu Durganaam Moon Rahu Rudra mantra Mars Rahu Mritunnjay Jaap Rahu Rahu "Shanting Kurja Jathvidhi"= to perform SHANTI KRIYA OR PUJA Jup Rahu Mritunnjay Jaap Sat Rahu Mritunnjay Jaap Mercury Rahu Durga & Lakshmi Naam Ketu Rahu Durga Debi Jaap Venus Rahu Mrityunjaya Jaap

The above Jaap/ Naam was stated in BPHS along with some Charity, etc.

I am giving below the remedial measures suggested in Brihat Parasari Hora Sastra for ill placed sub dasa lords of various Vimsottari Dasa (120 years of life cycle).

Analysis of remedial measures of BPHS for ill placed sub lords of Vimsottary Dasa shows that:-

Sahasra Shibanaam was suggested in most cases of Jupiter.

Sahasra Bishnunaam was suggested in all cases of Mercury.

Mritnnjay Jaap/ Til Hom were suggested in most cases of Saturn.

Shantikaran/ Aditya Hriday Jaap in most cases of Sun.

Durga Naam Jaap is effective for Moon.

Subrahmma Jaap/ Archana (Puja) of Brahmin for Mars.

Durga Jaap, Rudra Mantra Jaap for Venus.

Mritunnjay Jaap/ Durga Jaap for Rahu & Ketu.

Further Remedies from the Lal Kitab

Navdhanyas/grains for the planets could be given in charity :

sun-wheat, moon-white rice, mars - red masur dal/lentil or red whole tuver dal, mercury - whole green lentil/green moong dal,

Jupiter - yellow chana dal/peeled and halved, Venus - white rice again/not sure - read soya somewhere,

Saturn - black whole urad dal/black gram, sesame oil at shani/hanuman temple could also be donated Ketu - white til/sesame seeds

Rahu - whole green moong dal as Rahu owns Virgo with lord mercury/green - or mustard seeds/mustard oil lamp

for grave deficiency and urgency one could donate 1.25/1.5 kg, or could donate say 125gms/one cup on the relevant weekday for a certain prolonged period during the Antardasa etc

when several planets are weak or negatively prone impacting each other all the nine grains could be donated at Shiva temple or to a Brahmin/Hindu priest. one could worship with flowers of relevant colours on the relevant weekdays worshiping the relevant God represented by the planet.

for planet in a male sign male God needs to be prayed to, and for female sign a female Goddess needs to be prayed to :

SUN - Lord Shiva/Mata Kali, MOON - Shiva/Parvati, Mars - Kartikeya/Chamundeshwari, Mercury - Vishnu/Vaishnodevima

Jupiter - Duttatreya/Saraswati, Venus - Krishna/Mahalakshmi, Saturn - Shiva/Hanuman/Mata Kali Rahu - Lord Ayyappa/Hanuman Ketu - Lord Ganapati/Parvati

Whether home/japa/stone is to be decided based on the nature of the sign - fiery/airy/earth