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The techniques of prescribing Gems

I have seen Gems to increase the strength of the planet and the house where it is posted & aspects. I have seldom seen Gems to increase / decrease the functional nature (maleficness / beneficness) of a planet.

Weak planets thus can be strengthened thereby deriving more quantum of results as denoted by the planet concerned. But if the planet is destined to do evil, gems will enhance the power of doing so.

In the chart of Mr. A, Jupiter is a functional malefic, being the 8th & 11th lord. Such a Jupiter is placed in his 12th house. In around 2001, He had a property litigation which went up to the Supreme Court of India. His house was at stake and he could not take a chance. He decided to strengthen his 11L Jupiter to get success over the litigation case as Jupiter, by virtue of being in 12th is aspecting his 4th (house) and 6th (litigation & enmity). He had in his mind doubts about it causing harm to him but he had no option. He got a victory in the case within a month of wearing the Yellow Sapphire.

Out of curiosity he continued to wear it with the hope that it may bring him more success in other areas. But within a short time, he had to get hospitalized out of a blue with an attack of severe food poisoning which kept him confined there for a week or so.

It is safe to wear Gems of the Lagnalord, if it is weak, irrespective of its nature, position and placement in the chart. Lagna lord is always beneficial and never acts as a functional malefic. If the LL is strong, further addition of strength might cause harm.

I know a lady who was Libra born and had Venus in the 6th exalted. She took a very good quality diamond out of fascination and got it ratified by some other astrologer. When I noticed it, I advised her not to continue with that as I was fully aware of her chart. She continued with it. Soon her sexual hormone secretion level of the body got raised and she started doing adultery to satisfy her body needs.

In case of dual ruler ship of houses by a single planet, Gems can be suggested if the planet is either a Lagna lord, or lord of 5 or 9th. But if the other ruler ship house falls in 6th/8th / 12th AND the planet is posted in any of these trik houses, Gem for that planet should be avoided.

Like for Gemini Ascendant, Saturn is the owner of the 8th & 9th. Suppose Saturn is placed in the 11th, Aries. It is good to wear a blue Sapphire. But if Saturn is placed in the 6th in Scorpio, It will be unsafe to wear it. This is because in case of dual ruler ship, the placement of the planet concerned ultimately determines the major content of maliceness involved in it.

Gems for natural malefics should be avoided unless it is a functional benefic, beyond doubt and weak in the chart.

A Taurus born male has Rahu in the 2nd unafflicted. He was told by some astrologers that Rahu has become a good significator of income in his chart. He was once passing thru a financial crunch. He thought it prudent to strengthen Rahu to get more money. He took a very good quality Gomeda. He was around 34 years of age at that time with a fine health. In a span of 7 to 8 days, He felt uneasiness in his whole body and it continued and increased with each passing date. He perforce had to consult his family doctor and on a simple clinical examination it was found that he was having a BP of 140 / 95. The doctor, seeing his age did not give him any medicine but advised him to take rest with a salt free diet. He came home and opened the Gomeda. His pressure became normal within two days and continued to remain normal 12 years thereafter.

Gems following Dasa / Antardasa can be used if it is weak beyond doubt in transit without involving the trik houses.

Suppose Saturn is the LL and strongly placed in the natal chart. He is undergoing Saturn Antardasa when Saturn is transiting Aries. A blue sapphire CAN BE WORN TEMPORARILY in this case till the debilitation exists. But if in transit any planet is weak involving the 6/8/12 house, it is better not to touch it.

Just like planets are Karaka (fixed significator ship) for some events, similarly Gems also have some fixed medical properties, irrespective of the placement in the chart. They are given below.

Red Coral – pain in cartilage. Frequent Bleeding. Stomach trouble.

Emerald – Weakness of intelligence, Nervous disorder.

Blue Sapphire – Restrain in sexual urge and perversion.

Pearl – Mal Nutrition, cough & cold, menstrual disorder, improves blood circulation in the arteries and veins.

White Sapphire – Increase of sexual urge & fertility.

Yellow Sapphire – Lungs, liver & blood sugar problems.

Cat’s Eye – Mental anxiety, Arthritis.

Gomeda – long lasting pain & diseases. Fickle mindness.

Ruby – Weakness of the heart, body tremor, perception & reception.

Diamond – Weakness of sex organs, hormone disorders, swelling of glands.

I have used Gem therapy mainly IN CRITICAL CASES and have got very good results. Yes in some cases, say 10 – 15 % on an average, desired results have not come and I had to change the therapy. I believe this is normal as in any therapy, there is bound to be some failures.

But one thing I must mention here otherwise I feel, the discussion will remain incomplete. IT IS ABOUT BLUE SAPPHIRE. I HAVE SO FAR AT LEAST PRESCRIBED 200 BLUE SAPPHIRES OF VARIOUS COMBINATIONS. But in a few cases, the GEM did not suit the native at all. Within 3 to 4 days of the trial period, there are clear, visible & moderate physical discomforts shown in the native which compelled me to change the remedy. I have tried to analyze those horoscopes in details in order to find out the clue for non suitability but till date have not found any satisfactory answer to myself. Therefore, I always recommend BLUE SAPPHIRE with a trial of at least 10 days. No other Gem requires such a protection otherwise.

The key to Gem therapy not only lies in the right choice but also depends heavily upon the quality of the GEM and its proper energisation as per Vedic rules. The sub stones have a very little efficacy in this regard.

But now a day, Gems have become too costly and I find it difficult to advise people to recommend.

In fine, I would like to quote Dr David Frawley and Say that GEMSONES OVERALL ARE THE MOST DIRECT, EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE OF ALL ASTROLOGICAL REMEDIES and should always be considered carefully.

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