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Understanding Saturn & Sade Sati


Understanding Saturn in a chart Vis a Vis its role and significance, according to me is one of the most difficult part of predicting astrology.

In Vedic we believe that we take birth and re birth as a consequence of our past deeds which we say as Karma. In relation to human being, the cause of cycle of birth, the KARMA component is allotted to Saturn. The journey of the Jeeva• from birth after birth is the story of its efforts to attain salvation at the end. As long as the bad karma balance in anybody’s life is not exhausted in full, he will not be able to attain salvation or Moksha.

No other planet than Saturn is so deeply associated With Karma (the operative part of our destiny). He is thought to be the most judicious, unrelenting and impartial dispenser of our past karma. The past Karmic sins raise their head under the period of Saturn to be eliminated permanently. Sufferings and humiliations are caused by Saturn because in the time scale of cosmic manifestation, the discordant notes must be harmonized till the past Karmic debts are completely paid off.

When such a purging of the past discordant takes place, the individual has already forgotten the incident but TIME has kept a detailed record of the same. The cycle of birth, growth and destruction completes the chain of causation but time knows neither beginning nor the end. When the individual action in complete unity, in totality is exposed to eternity, a new and radical transformation takes place in the individual where egoism, materiality and the sense of fulfillment vanishes like darkness to light. Saturn thus gives renunciation, spirituality and acts as a sustainer and whatever developments occur, lasts for a very long time.

The blessings of Saturn lie in destroying the compulsive forces of the past Karmas so that the individual could be free from materialistic bondage. Because Saturn does not succumb to any opposition in his endeavours, he is considered the most powerful malefic.

We take birth after birth to wipe out the accumulated balance of the “NEGATIVE KARMA”. This wiping out has to be thru pain & sufferings. And the most vulnerable object of suffering will be the mind. Mind is represented by the Moon. Therefore, the period of Sade Sati is the period when Saturn remains very close to the position of the natal Moon.

Thus an individual sheds out the maximum of his accumulated negative Karma in this period. Hence the period is most difficult. The sufferings actually take place in the mental platform thru delays, upsets, blockage, melancholiness, depression and detachment and in many more ways.

The sufferings of the mind are the effect and the cause lies in the significations of Saturn & Moon in that particular chart and in particular relation to the houses involved in the Sade Sati. Thus every individual’s suffering differs in quality, quantity and velocity.

If other destiny breakers like Rahu or Ketu get involved, it signifies more virulent cause of sufferings. It can further get complicated or eased out depending on the dasa period. Each suffering teaches the individual a more precise lesson of the right & the wrong and those teachings create a long lasting deep  scar in the mind, which if understood properly can help modify the remaining part of the life in a great way.