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The Science behind the Science


Originally based on the contributions propounded by the ancient seers of India in the Vedas. Enriched subsequently by the scholars of India & abroad in the Horas /Treatises.

Taken care of the subsequent change in attitude, temperament & expectations of people. Traditional theories underwent fundamental rethinking for becoming more appropriate in today's context.

"Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, The Moon and the stars."- by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Has restructured the ancient Indian astrology to suit the present day society in its entire form and content. This system has eliminated the confusing & contradictory theories available in different classical texts.

Has formulated a defined, specific and structured set of rules for a precise and pinpoint prediction in all spheres of life. Constellation based and uses all Divisional charts & Dasa (Period) techniques to become fully compatible to take care of the present day complications.

"It has been wisely said that' Fools obey the planets while wise men control them."