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Past Life Astrology Profile


Specialty of the Report

       A complete Life Prediction to define and redesign a new destiny ensuring breakthrough from the prisoner ship of your past.
       Create unstoppable momentum in your life by adhering to the remedies.
       Ask additional questions to live a life that you love and live it with passion and power.
       Know your birth chart to understand your immediate pending karma.

For giving you best possible services, we suggest unique remedial measures. Due care is taken while analyzing your horoscope and suggesting usually inexpensive remedies. Our remedies are safe and result oriented.

Karmic Astrology will help you unlock your past Lives and their effect on your present life. It will reveal & pinpoint your body, mind & soul's ingrained patterns that you have carried over from other lives requiring urgent attention

Your present birth chart is a roadmap of your karma. It is the sum total of the actions of your earlier lives that continue to affect your present life. Vedic Astrology can give a different insight into the core issues of life. It can be utilized on levels that penetrate and go beyond surface appearances and conditions as it reveals the true individual, his inner dialogues, conditioning, predispositions & talent. This awareness of the subject allows you to let go of the negative programming that you have inherited from the past. Let the areas of guilt, sufferings, fear & restrictions be identified for instituting an effective mitigating strategy.

Specific objectives of this Report

   Discover the keys of the repeating patterns & influences of your present life.
   Discover the karmic expectations with which your soul has incarnated in this life.
   Understand how the past relationships have been helpful or harmful so that you can work upon the same to grow in order to fulfil your true potential.
   Offers unique insights into your past, present & future. Reveal the drivers and the energies operating within you now and how they can be better managed.
   Read your birth chart from the Karmic Perspective. Find out what your actual purpose is in this life. Redesign the unique lessons, strengths, goals and challenges of this life. Align your work actions accordingly.
   Use this subject to discover your greatest area of responsibility, the area of highest level of stress and the area of your highest level of success and accomplishments.
   Identify the true demand of your soul about what it should experience in this life and the instinctive & instinctual side of your mind. Let the Karmic purpose get revealed.

The greatest wealth of insight about the nature and workings of the LAW of Karma & its linkage to Astrology is found in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahanasa Yoganand which states the very basis of spiritual astrology as under:

"A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing the unalterable past and its probable future results.
Fate, will, Destiny ------- call it what you will --- there is a law of justice which somehow, but not by chance, determines our race, our physical structures and our mental and emotional traits. We may not escape from our own basic patterns but we can work with conformity with it. That is where free will comes in.
Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom. The deeper the self realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe and less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux (Karma)."

Past Life astrology analysis provides us a blueprint of out attachments, problems, talents and mental tendencies. Everything in the chart can be assumed to stem down from out past actions, achievements and desire. Therefore, the knowledge one can get through this subject in regard to self-growth & development, helps him to become a more whole, happy and illuminated soul. It also helps him to alleviate a great deal of suffering of his present life too, once he overcomes the initial confusion and discouragement and comply with the techniques of karmic alignment.

This report does not necessarily symbolize the outer situation or events of your life but also symbolizes the inner experience. It spells out in unambiguous terms about how those inner experiences fit in your total present life pattern.

Know all this through our Past Life Astrology Report. Get a Complete and exhaustive review of your Horoscope for total guidance on the issue. Each and every possible question will be answered through our personalized report

Report Content

   Your Birth Ascendant, Moon Sign and 'Nakshatra', according to Vedic Astrology.
   Complete Horoscope with all relevant astronomical charts.
   SWOT Analysis & the Do's & the Don'ts for achieving a better life.

We are dedicated to do a thorough professional task to satisfy you….

Mode of consultation

  1. Written report via email - Delivery time - 4 -5 working days from payment.
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  3. Online Zoom Consultation - 40 minutes on mutually agreed time within 4 – 5 days of payment.
  4. OR
  5. In Person Consultation in Chamber - with Prior appointment, for local clients.

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